2010 – present, SANA FOUNDATION

With the number of scholarships and program alumni steadily growing, it became increasingly evident that having an entity “on the ground” in Israel would be of great value. This also supported the vision to gradually shift the activities of the Friends of Nazareth to a new team located in Israel. 

In 2010 The Friends of Nazareth a team of Palestinian program alumni to register an Israel-based foundation (NGO). This is how the “SANA FOUNDATION” came into being. After working closely with the Friends of Nazareth for over 10 years, the time has now come for the Dutch foundation to wind down its operations and transfer all activities to the SANA FOUNDATION effective 2022. 

This heralds an exciting new phase of this wonderful initiative that started in 1980, in which the Palestinian Arab community assumes full responsibility for scholarships for the new younger generation. 

The SANA FOUNDATION continues the work of the Friends of Nazareth and has adopted the same goals and objectives. The scholarship requirements are unchanged and the as Friends of Nazareth foundation spirit continues. Today the SANA FOUNDATION is an independent, well-established Non-Governmental Organization (Amutah). In addition to assuming responsibilities for Friends of Nazareth students and alumni, it already supports 10 new students with scholarships.

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