The early years

Initially, the foundation supported several educational projects, e.g., Arabic children’s book translations. Starting in 1989, the focus moved entirely to the scholarship program for young Palestinian women, which is where the foundation saw the biggest impact and lasting benefits. Aspiring female students can often not realize their ambitions due to financial limitations.

Father Wilfried passed away in 2002. For decades he had been an invaluable source of inspiration for students in Holland, and since 1980 also Palestinian students from Israel. He was awarded the ‘Peace price’ of the city of Tilburg in 1992 for his dedication to this project.Siny Bootsma was among the first to recognize the importance of creating opportunities for young Palestinian women in their native country. She was a strong believer that education was the best way to achieve this. Siny led the Foundation for 23 years (1985 until 2008) received an “Honorary Presidency” for her dedicated services. She passed away in October 2017.

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